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New gold flake champagne takes over the dallas nightlife scene.

With his hands on fire for over 25 years, Steve Nice has built a reputation of being “The Best In The Business” and he definitely lives up to the hype. He learned his talent from many Dallas, Houston, and New York legends. He was born and raised in Dallas, Texas, and graduated from David W. […]

Twisted Black (born Tommy Burns, October 18, 1976) is a rapper from Detroit, Michigan and settled in Fort Worth, Texas as a teen. He is on the 3R Entertainment/Scarred 4 Life Records label, and has also gone under the pseudonym “145”. His debut album with the duo One Gud Cide, Look What The Streets Made, […]

We are Ready to Make the DFW Rap scene Official! Get ready Artists, Models and Djs! If you know me, you know I love my city and know what we have done in the music industry, representing Urban Models and creating a nightlife scene where thousands of people party to DFW’s own artists music.Well we […]